OFF!® Deep Woods Towelette

Each towelette features a formula containing 25% DEET. The unique towelette design makes carrying them a quick and simple process -- simply place them in the car or supply kit. Effective formula repels mosquitoes that may carry West Nile virus and also provides protection against ticks, biting fleas, gnats and chiggers. Non-greasy formula lasts up to eight hours, will not dry out and resists perspiration.


OFF!® Deep Woods Towelettes, 12/Box, 12 Boxes per Carton

Physical Form: Towel; Application: Wipe; Pest Type: Chiggers; Fleas; Flies; Mosquitoes; Ticks; Capacity (Weight): 2.66 lb.
Manufacturers Item #611072

OFF!® Deep Woods Towelette, 0.28 Box, Unscented, 12/Box

Physical Form: Wipes; Pest Type: Black Flies; Chiggers; Fleas; Gnats; Mosquitoes; No-See-Ums; Sand Flies; Ticks; Capacity (Volume): 0.123 oz; Capacity (Weight): 2.66 lbs.
Manufacturers Item #611072BX